Freebies.. Starbucks, Subway, Yankee Candles, Chocolate.

Today was a good day! There was no trickery involved, and no stealthy complaints to HR in hope of hustlin’ some free goods. It was all because I have a terrible loyalty card addiction, the stars happened to align in such a way that saw three of my loyalty cards deliver, and a mail order stock issue.

The Starbucks card is a pay as you go phone app, where you collect stars everytime you buy a handcrafted beverage. 15 stars can be redeemed for a free drink. They often do a ‘Star Dash’ where you can earn double rollovers or triple stars for a set amount of time. During one of these events, in February 2016, my friend and I took the Star Dash quite literally. We saw it as a challenge to collect as many stars as humanly possible (Pokemon Go hadn’t yet been released to satiate this need). We totted up so many stars that we drank free coffee for a month. Every now and again, they will throw a random freebie on to your card (a coffee, or a bakery item, or something) for you to redeem that week. They also discount 25p on any beverage purchased when you bring your own cup. A little 1up for the planet.

'Monday Coffee' by Megan Hess

The Subway card works in the same way, although you get ‘sub points’ relating to the amount spent. I think it’s 10 points for every £1 spent. Once earned, 100 points = a hot drink. 200 points = a snack item. 500 points = a 6″ sub or salad. 1000 points = a footlong sub. Yesterday they sent out an email announcing that a bonus 500 points would be added to my account to be used this week… The most difficult decision was deciding whether to stretch it out spending it on drinks and snacks, or spend it all on a sub or salad. Decisions decisions. I worked at Subway many years ago, it was a fun little part-time job while I was a student with an excessive H&M habit. Apparently I never got sick of it. The Veggie Delight with sweet onion sauce is my bae. The modern Sandwich Artist’s never make them as good as I did, though.

Subway Veggie Delight - I've never seen one look like the picture
Subway Veggie Delight – I used to make them look like the picture. #Perfectionist

The yankee candles were from Boots. I checked my points balance and realised I had over £20. I could perhaps have spent it on toiletries, or food items, but I didn’t wanna. I wanted the Christmas votives set that was in the 50% sale (obviously, with it being June!) and used £4.49 worth of the points for that.

Godiva are sending me a selection of their chocolate bars as I placed an order from their Fathers day selection, and when they came to ship it they discovered that they had actually sold out of what I had ordered. I wasn’t too bothered when the items weren’t available, and went and found something even nicer by Charbonnel et Walker at John Lewis instead.

Charbonnel et Walker Billionaires Shortbread Truffles

Thank you Lakshmi for this day of plenty! ❤


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