Yucky Plastic.

I’m not usually a preachy hippy type, but the byproducts from plastic production end up in the oceans, killing wildlife, and generally making the world look untidy. The effect is devastating. Whether you deny the reality of it for the sake of your own consumer convenience or not, it’s still a massive problem that is going to be an even bigger problem for generations to come.

I’ve been looking at how much plastic we use at www.loverocky.etsy.com and I feel pretty awful thinking of the plastic mailing bags Ive sent out over the years. But one can only ever strive to improve!


Our new packaging is reusable, and biodegradable so it doesn’t matter so much if you decide not to reuse it. I’m not perfect, and am still using sellotape to seal these boxes up, but I’m working on that.

An added bonus to using these boxes is that they are standard ‘large letter’ (Royal Mail) size, and therefore whatever I can fit inside, can be posted cheaply. This is one of the ways I am able to continue to offer free worldwide shipping to everyone who shops at http://www.loverocky.etsy.com

Find me at http://www.loverocky.etsy.com





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